I received new MK24 batteries in my Permobil F3 about a month or so ago. I was told initially it would take about 15 or so cycles before the batteries reached their peak performance. I was monitoring the performance during that time and was concerned that the battery was draining faster then my previous 34s had. I had a tech from NuMotion come out to check that the batteries were installed correctly and the connections were all intact. He measured the voltage through the controller, also checked the batteries and said they were balanced, and all the connections were good. My concern is that somehow my EZ lock bracket/bolt is causing an issue. The initial tech had difficulty installing the batteries, as she said the EZ lock bolt was installed higher then normal. She had to remove, then reinstall, the EZ bolt to fit the batteries in. The tech that came out the other day mentioned how the batteries sat higher, but did not feel this would impact performance. But getting back to concern about the bolt...it seems days where I lock into my EZ lock in my van, my batteries drain faster. Not sure why/how that would be?