I'm absolutely sick of relying on medications to try and relieve the chronic neuropathy I experience in both feet for the last six years or so. I've had a neurosurgeon take a look at me for a spinal cord stimulator trial, but given severe scoliosis that I have in my back and the multiple spinal fusions I have all through my lumbar spine, the doctor really is not excited about doing this trial with me.

I'm a quadriplegic and I'm pretty well come to terms with the fact that I will never walk again. Right now, quality of life is issue number one. And the first and most important item on things to correct to begin living my life more fruitful is to eliminate the pain in my feet. I don't read much about severing nerves to eliminate pain. Is this something that ANYONE does in situations like mine where they are permanently paralyzed and are just looking to alleviate the excruciating pain in their feet? Are there any side effects to doing this kind of procedure to eliminate pain? I haven't read any, but I haven't bounced this question off anyone in this group yet. If anyone in the world would know they would probably be on this board.

A little information, please. There are so many of us out here suffering and I am one of them. I'm sick of the pills and the drama they cause in my life. Can I literally sever myself from the problem and live pain-free in my feet?