Serious 4 seasons in a place where all snow is plowed immediately and I go to the security police for our Madison Mallards games to bring in a couple bottles of tap water in case I need drenching and always have a hat on. Do not eat too much while out in the heat either. We know our long Johns up here and the best place to get lightweight washable silk ones is wintersilks dot com. They sell men and women's in several weights and if you need to get a seamstress to put in buttonholes where a leg bag tube needs to go. I wear them. For both men and women the mid-weight mock neck tops are great under sweaters. If you get too warm you can wear the darker colors as tops or remove it and just wear the sweater. If you need warmer and are a veteran get your veterans card and buy what we all wore way back. Although I much prefer the new poly layered to the wools when I was in. Yes, at least at Fort McCoy almost all non-outer uniform items can be bought in the PX. McCoy does a lot of winter wear for hunters.

I can always hit the button for the gas fireplace here but once the AC hits in the south they never shut it off. That includes my spouse. So we compromise and try to spend 6 weeks out of the first 12 every year somewhere warmer.