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Thread: Heal a wound over tunneling?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim C. View Post
    I have had nothing but success with my three- 4th stage decubiti, using a " forward thinking" plastic surgeon who made her bones in would care. Can't say enough about her. She has offices in LI and Staten Is.
    PM me and I will forward you info.
    Regards & best
    Thank you. He was hoping for a little more north than that, but if he changes his mind, I will let you know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Did the doctor biopsy the bone? Interventional Radiology can bx it and antibiotics can be started from that. Might be a repeat of before. When he stopped the antibioitcs di the sedrate go down and the CRP or still elevated?

    Yes, there was osteomylitis and a piece of the bone was removed and he had a picc line. He is off the antibiotics and has been for several months now. The mri in Februrary suggested that there may be a hint if the Osteomylitits still there, but it was not followed up on. His sed rate was still not within normal range when the picc line was removed, but did drop down quite a lot. His last sed rate was in the 60s. After the picc line was removed, there has been no follow up blood work. He did ask, but was told it was not necessary unless he had symptoms. The nausea, fever, chills and fatigue have gone away, but he still has a lot of sweating at night. This is not normal for him. He has never sweated at all below his injury since his accident many years ago.

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    Gotcha, I misread a bit about the measurements. From what I know, you do *not* want the skin to close over a tunnel. When this started with mine, the Doc debrieded(sp?) the wound open again, it needed to heal "up" before it can heal over or bad things happen.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sugarcube View Post
    I agree there has been no improvement on the depth but the outside has been closing around it. Now the skin has started and almost completely covered the top. There is a small pinhole left, which is basically how this whole thing started. I'm concerned that the cavities below will eventually fill up with fluid again, become infected and some time in the next several weeks or so he will be septic again. I think he needs to get a referral in order to get the flap. I doubt he will get that from this doctor. The depth has been measured on a weekly basis from visiting nurses. Four days prior to it being measured a 2.5 cm, it was 5.5. The other tunnel, which showed on the mri in Feb has not been treated at all, I guess because it is not an open wound yet.
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