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Thread: Mid wheel Drive Power Chairs and EZ lOCK

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    Mid wheel Drive Power Chairs and EZ lOCK

    Hi Gang,

    Anyone have a mid-wheel drive power chair with EZ Lock tie down?

    Reason I ask is I am trialing new chairs. Always been a rear wheel guy but open to new possibilities.

    I've always heard mid wheel get hung up easier and I imagine this is doubly so with an EZ Lock pin under it.

    I would welcome the benefit of your experiences / wisdom.

    Thank you AND Merry Christmas!

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    I have a Permobil M3 and M300. Each have a pin for a QLK-150 (I like QStraint better than the EZ Lock). Neither have any real issues getting caught since they are *almost* in line with the mid wheels. The M3 is a little better than the M300, but not really bad on either one.

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    I always used the rear wheelchairs to. I bought a jazzt chair with mid wheel and don't like it because of the transferring in and out of chair. There is a much larger gap. So if you don't use a transfer board. That could be an issue for you.

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    I’ve used both 6 Wheel mid drive and 4 Wheel rear drive with an EZ Lock in a full size van for years. The trouble is that the EZ lock dock that’s mounted to the floor is only 2’’ high so the chair lock down bolt will be always close to the ground. If your chair has more then 2’’ clearance underneath it (my Invicare TDX rear wheel does not) then you can have the ez lock dock mounted on say 2 x 2 wood blocks to allow the WC bolt head to ride higher (4’’) The EZ lock clearance never really been a problem for me. I just find that the 6 wheel mid drive vrs the 4 wheel rear drive has a much tighter turning radius for indoor use

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