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Thread: Spinal cord stimulater

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    there is a new one that is suppose to work on the ganglion nerve roots , after 2 implanted SCS with no success, i prefer the probable success of the intrathecal medication pump,the dose of med is very low and way less side effects.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flying View Post
    Any updates
    Any updates ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim C. View Post
    Well, My pain management is speaking to me about installing The new generation stimulator With the product from a distributor with the name Boston in it. I need to Google it to learn more, I’ve tested earlier generation models to no affect. Yeah I feel I need to do anything in good faith to try to get off the opioid based meds.
    Are there any CC members out there using this product???
    Mine is a Boston Scientific, you can see my earlier post in this thread.

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    Brad, or anyone reading......any luck with current generation Boston Scientific pain stimulator?

    I'm scheduled for trial for same reasons Brad mentioned on 1st page.....what if it worked?

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