Thanks for the update.
Very interesting.
2nd that.. which manufacturer did you go with ?
Where are you getting pain ?

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So I did the week long spinal cord stimulater test. It was good and bad. On the 3 hour drive home it seemed like it was helping, but was not sure because of all the stuff I took, so I could sit long enough to make the trip. But it just got better and better as time went on.
By bed time I was out of pain. By morning, even the (compressed, freezing feeling you get in the feet, after you get to pain somewhat under control) was gone. But after getting up the leeds moved and it quit working. Took x rays a few days later, and the rep, put on a different program and it worked for a bit, until I moved around a bunch.
So even though it quit working, I'm still going ahead with a permanent stimulater . I'm getting paddles instead of leeds, because they don't move around so much. But they have to carve bone out of the way, so it's a much harder surgery.
I would swear the whole thing off, except it worked so well, when it was working. If I could get this pain under control with drugs, not sure if I'd do the surgery.
Will write again, when the permanent one goes in, in a couple of months.
Wishing you all some pain free days