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Thread: Clinton River (iGlide Tailwind) out of business

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    Oct 26, Ian from Cr left me a long (VM saved) message blaming their supplier, last I hear from him

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    Quote Originally Posted by cadamson View Post
    when iglide was going under, they had the courtesy to give us a year, apologize and not take money and orders they could not fulfill. I've been injured since 1985 and this is the first time a company has really injured the very population they served! Criminal
    This is terrible news. I hope you have no problem getting your money back. I agree if they haven't delivered and you paid by CC you have a good chance. If you know who actually makes the frames, maybe later you can get one from them, same with wheels.

    To be honest I wondered about the company after meeting the reps at the Expo several years ago. It seemed to me they were failing at marketing. There seemed to be nearly no interest in the chair here. I would think how can it survive? One thing I do know is that the I-Glide had more adjustments available for the casters, but the Tailwind seemed to look "stylish" like a Tilite. So I asked the reps about the limited options and their answer was "We know what users want". They also kept those yesterday NiMH batteries. What were they thinking? Right or wrong, Lithium sells. While I'm on a rant, Clinton River is a nondescript name for a wheelchair company.
    I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.

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    Ha, well my chair never turned off, did you get it from CR? I am so bummed, it is the best power assist out there

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    My big issue (after the chair gone wild issue, which would have thrown me out of the chair had I not hit the wall first) was my batteries only lasted ~1 year while my old iglide ones lasted5+ years. CRs also cost $900, iglide $350. Twice they had to replace the whole cpu, but again, this chair slowed me down hills and was awesome everywhere else. Unless something else has been invented, going down my ramp van will be tough, argh

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    Not my cc, the contracted company Frontier Air uses. Hope they are big enough to really go after CR for this stunt. I really needed these guys to succeed; instead they leave people stranded like this...

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    What terrible news!!! I sure hope you have gotten everything squared away by now, but I've not been hearing anything good from Ian. Best of luck to you!!!

    I have an original IGlide that is 14 years old and starting to have issues. It is and has been my only chair I've owned since my accident. I've had my batteries rebuilt, but I'm beginning to wonder if I have other issues starting to happen. There are times the batteries will keep a charge all day and other times I put a freshly charged battery in only to have the chair shut down shortly after turning it on. I'm hoping that maybe the battery was plugged in charging longer than necessary and it started to actually drain leaving me with a dead battery that I'm unaware of. With having rebuilt batteries my indicator lights on the batteries no longer work so I never know how much charge the batteries have.

    Would love to find someone who could take my chair and rebuild it and the change the type of batteries.

    Years ago after CRM took over making the chair I offered to be a spoke person. My husband and I do a great deal of traveling and know the product really well. They weren't interested. Maybe we could all ban together and get this chair or a better one back on the market!I

    Just a thought......

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    Interested in that idea. I found out today they were done, but because of my iglide experience, which was my favorite chair until CR, I always worried about there longevity. Also, in my opinion the one thing this chair had on the iglide was the adjustability. Love this chair and I will need another if anyone is selling?

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