I currently have an adjustable Tempur-pedic. I ordered for ?Firm? roughly 4 years ago. For those who are looking for full mattresses I would not recommend the Tempur-pedic. It stayed firm for about a year and then really became soft. So soft to the point where mobility is reduced and assisted slide board transfers are difficult. I don?t way more than 140 pounds Dash yet I think at least 5 inches in a 12 inch mattress.

Some questions:
What are peoples thoughts on the sleep number?
I?m searching for a mattress that I can add to the adjustable frame and I would like it to be as firm as possible for transfers and rolling/pressure relief during the night.
I tried to Casper mattress and it is very similar to the Tempur-pedic and did not solve any issues. Has anyone tried the purple mattress?
As a C5 quad that needs to adjust the height during infections in during. Times of weaknessYes I?m searching for any opinions or successes with particular beds/mattresses. Any thoughts?

( I will edit for grammar, clarity and sentence structure ASAP ? having technical computer issues)