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Thread: Ceiling lift in conversion van?

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    Ceiling lift in conversion van?

    Has anybody done this? We want to outfit a raised roof cargo van. The idea is to tie down the wheelchair behind the driver seat and use a ceiling lift to transfer to the passenger seat. Though it's a high roof, with the track, hanging lift, hooks or chains and sling, there probably wouldn't be enough clearance. Has anybody come up with a workaround for this problem? Or a better, more compact lift for this application? Thanks!

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    I have seen ceiling lifts installed in modified motor homes, but the roof has to be specially reinforced to take the load. Can you not set up your van to drive from your chair?

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    Have you thought about just removing passenger seat? If floor is not level just shim and weld a flat steel plate for your chair docking device or strap system. If have extra battery under seat might relocate it to box past side doors.

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    Thanks, KLD and MikeP. We'll remove the passenger seat and lower the floor, if this idea doesn't pan out.

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