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Thread: Started my senior year and wound up in hospice

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    Life's not fair for sure; you survived financially, helps not to have chronic pain beat your ass daily, that's a plus and I envy that.
    We must be near in age, I grad in '82 .
    How did you go airbourne off the jetty, if you don't mind?

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    To answer your question there is an inlet from the ocean to the Banana River Lagoon with a jetty that created a good break, but it could also be tiring to paddle out at times. When you first arrived, often you would walk down the jetty, though your board off and dive in after it.

    If you are already in the water and had to paddle through the break, you usually would go 50 or 70 yards north and then paddle back south to the swell. It is all depended on how brutal the break was, most times you could paddle out with no problem at all.

    As for the chronic pain, believe that is one of the reasons they put me on palliative care and then hospice. With the opioid crisis and all the hoops you have to jump through to get narcotics, this was the simplest and easiest way to get me the drugs for the pain. Suggests it as a way for people having trouble getting appropriate medications for pain relief.

    When the pain gets bad my mind won't work and cannot write coherently and it uses up a lot of energy. In order to justify using up this fuel for ancedotal stories would rather be pondering the meaning of life. This takes me back to, after breaking my neck and unable to get a job and then the subsequent destructive behavior, and finally asking the question "Why was I born to suffer and die?".

    My demise is not imminent, not likely for many years, but the label changes your perspective on what is important and what your priorities are. Not scared of dying and am more interested in what happens next and what it means.
    Perhaps when more stable, will post some silly tales and see if people like them, sometimes writing for me is therapeutic. Have written pages upon pages of issues and problems that needed to figure out or clarify and never shared, posted or done anything with them.

    In the summer time it used to rain at 3 o'clock and we walk across the street to a friends house and watch General Hospital. Same thing happened that afternoon and my car (kids did not have AC back then), was parked on A1A, preheating.

    At the age of 18, was offered a scholarship and a commission from the Army (already had two years of college and ROTC) but a six year commitment was kind of overwhelming at 18 and declined.

    In my house you got your first glass of wine on your 13th birthday and then could drink any time such as dinner, holidays, etc. and as long as you're going to school, you can live at home. After turning down the commission, parent booted me and I went to Alaska.

    Six months later enlisted in the Navy because the only job in for me in Alaska was at Point Barrow, inside the Arctic Circle. After seeing the snow getting lower in the mountainous every day, enlisted in the Navy and 37 days later took three stripes stripes, a honorable discharge and travel pay back to Alaska. Then went back to school in Florida.

    Got a job at the local Jai Alai fronton which worked perfectly, while the game was going on was able to read my textbooks. Riding my bike to work on my first day on the job got hit by a thunder storm. Stopped at a laundry mat, borrowed a towel from a lady, tossed my clothes in the dryer and made it to work on time

    The next summer went to Europe and studied at the University Konstance on the German, Austrian, Swiss border and it was a fantastic place. When going to University, may have gone out on the town too often and partied with the locals too late and then skipped too many lectures and tours that started in the early morning. That’s what my report card reflected :-)

    One year laid my bike down going 75 mph and had a hemoratic contusion (TBI), took 7200 V in my shoulder and out my toes and hit an island waterskiing.

    At 3 o'clock that afternoon, as the rain clouds moved in we decided to get get wet by diving off the jetty into the ocean before getting in the oven parked on A1A, three seconds later life changed.
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    A waterskiing adventure

    One week flew up to New Hampshire to visit a friend that had met in rehab. Met her when she first got there and was obviously depressed . So brought her a chocolate bar and we've been friends ever since.

    On my way to New Hampshire for a week landed in Logan rather than Manchester and drove back to her house in the Hamptons. Had dinner, bottle wine and talked long into the night. The following weekend we went waterskiing in Vermont.

    She drove from her wheelchair rather than transferring. So I got in first and transferred to the passenger seat and push my wheelchair out of the way knowing that someone would be there who could help me out. Then she got in and locked her wheelchair and off we went.

    Since there was no way for me to do the transfer from the passenger seat back into my wheelchair, we pulled up to a crowd of people who look like they were there for the skiing and asked if if they would pick me up and put me in my wheelchair. They look surprised, but did it with no problem.

    We parked, got out and started talking with all the different people. Besides the disabled disabilities there was a waterskiing coordinator, people in the boat, people to put you in the sit ski and volunteers who chased you on jet skis. It took a lot of people to volunteer support this can only give them my highest regards.

    The waterski was about ~3 feet wide with box that you put your butt in, knees almost to your chest and in the front of the ski was a notch to put the rope which had a knot in it to lock it in the notch.

    With the rope pulling the ski you could then pull the ski rope out of the notch on the ski. Unfortunately, with no grip, was unable to pull the rope out of the notch and had to use my balance alone, as a quad :-) had to do it by balance alone which led me to try and ride the wake of the boat, like surfing.

    Afterwords when we were sitting around talking one, person commented that after all the years doing this, was the only one that dumped going headfirst.

    As the afternoon got later, we started driving back to New Hampshire, and decided to stop and eat Chinese on the way home. When we exited the expressway, some of the curves and speed were a little bit too much for my light weight wheelchair. Needless to say (women driver) tipped me over and then freaked out. Told her don't worry, and press on to where the restaurant is.

    We intercepted some young men walking in the parking lot who looked physically fit and asked them if they would put me in my wheelchair. They look confused but smiled, put me in the chair, continued on their way and we went in for Chinese food, and then drove home.

    While visiting that week also went to Fenway Park for a Red Sox game, bowling (first time for me) and got lobster from the sandwich truck parked off the side of the road.

    It was a nice vacation and actually pretty cool for two quads to do this by themselves.

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