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Thread: Vagus Nerve Stimulation

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    Vagus Nerve Stimulation

    I don't think this community has ever talked about the importance of vagus nerve stimulation for people with spinal cord injuries, MS, or simple anxiety and IBS and arthritis and maybe migraines. The vagus releases acetylchoine, a neurotransmitter that helps with nerve conduction. I've read of a research scientist, Patrick Ganzer, who studied vagus nerve stimulation via electrical device on mice with acute sci and it really helped with rehab. He's waiting for a patent, but there's I'm not sure if his device is noninvasive although I think the FDA has approved of one. I saw a GammaCore device that requires a prescription. Also think Europe has one that may be more available. Seems to me the big reason why intermittent hypoxic therapy helps people with inc sci is that it stimulates vagus nerves because meditative or yoga breathing stimulates it...

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    Here's some information on the work of Dr. Patrick Ganzer. LINK

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    Thanks, Grammy! I called my grandmother that and haven't used it until now 40 years later! VNS therapy does look promising...

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