I am looking at two of the Quickie front wheel power wheelchairs which look like the sort of thing that I will probably go for. I decided against mid-wheel and rearwheel drive because I go over the grass, gravel and visit a lot of fishing ponds and having the big wheels at the front is by far the best option in my case.

However, I'm looking at the Q700 F Sedeo pro and the Sedeo Ergo. I'm doing a comparison with chair specifications side-by-side and to be honest they look very much the same. However, the starting price for the Ergo is ?12,750 compared to the Pro. Which is almost half at ?6750. I'm going to assume that the starting price may include seat tilt but not seat raise and electric leg rest? It doesn't mention anything about motors but you can get both versions with the same speed and battery power. Doesn't mention much about the backrest, however there are slight differences in minimum and maximum seat size on both chairs . However, I don't see why that should make such a big difference in the price. There has got to be a very good reason why the Ergo is twice the price of the Pro.