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Thread: Taking vitamin D

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    What happens if I don’t get enough vitamin D?

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    My favorite food health sites.
    Drastically changed my lifestyle due to depression and losing 50lbs.
    My new diet is mainly Oatmeal 2 kiwis. Sockeye salmon, chicken, broccoli, carrots. spinach. Fried food take once a week.
    Wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.
    Bob Seger

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    Vitamin D is not just a vitamin. It has been shown not only to be important for bone Heath but the immune system, mental health especially depression and research is. Ring done on others such as schizophrenia; also diabetes, hypertension, heart disease , energy, 5 cancers, . There has never been a link with bladder stones or kidney stones. Your doctor is looking at the level in your blood and is just getting you to normal range. Also possibly impacts o deity, sterility and reproduction. All pregnant women now take extra vitamin D and babies take extra the first year of their life. And forget that sun business. If for whatever reason you don’t have a normal range- you do not need more sun- it can cause skin cancer. Google Vitamin D and you will be amazed at all the issues it impacts. CWO
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