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Since it’s been a few since my last post on this thread I wanted to update things and say that unfortunately I’m still having a lot of trouble with leaking around the SP stoma. It’s a very frustrating problem that leaves my pants soaked.
My urologist believes the leaking isn’t due to a UTI and thinks the leaking should be resolved with the botox injection procedure I’m having done in a week from today.

Any suggestions about why this leaking would start when I never had it happen in the past. Also, this problem doesn’t seem to happen when I’m laying in bed but will happen after I’ve been in my chair for a little while.

As gjnl mentioned it definitely could be the catheter. A regular catheters eyelets can get blocked by the bladder wall. With a Duette catheter the two balloon system does not allow the eyelets to get blocked by the bladder wall.