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Thread: A lot of leakage..

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    A lot of leakage..

    Can anyone tell me if urine leakage around the catheter from the stoma/supra pubic area is a common/typical symptom of a UTI/bladder infection I’m currently being treated for? Just wondering if there can be other causes then I should be aware of. We of course make sure of the catheter is changed enough and the stoma sp area is kept clean and I drink a good amount of fluids.

    Maybe this is an obvious answer, that it is a usual symptom, but other than the leakage problem that soaks my pants when I’m sitting in the wheelchair, I’m not having other major symptoms like pain or a fever or feeling crappy. The leakage doesn?t happen while I am in bed laying flat probably because less pressure is put on my bladder from my abdomen.
    Over the 23 years since I had a c4/5 spinal cord injury I?ve never quite had this leakage problem and wanted to find out if there could be any other cause. Four days ago i had a urine culture tested at my urologist?s that initially looked clean but was found to have bacteria and be positive for an infection. Tomorrow will be my third day on antibiotics so hopefully this leakage problem goes because until it stops I can?t work or really do very much beside stay in bed.

    My new urologist is doing urinalysis and botox injections in two months from now... wondering if I should ask the urologist to move that date to up.
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