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Thread: Rod Trouble

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    Rod Trouble

    HI all, I just wanted to share my recent learnings about my hardware. When first injured in 2011, rods were placed T3-t8 for a burst fracture at T5. Got a compression fracture in T8 in second year post and Doc extended to T10. Got a compression fracture in T10 shortly after and doc extended to L1. That was about 5 years ago. All seemed well but recently a lump appeared in my back. Xray shows both rods are broken in lower thoracic, and one actually migrated down and is hanging out all be itself in the lumber region, not attached to anything. Check out the pic. Lump appears related to a "loose screw" (no laughing please, folks ). I'm going to have to get this cleaned up with surgery but wonder if anyone else has had trouble like this with their hardware? Im active, but not extremely so. I think the problem may have been related to rotations, like rolling in the bed, or reaching for stuff on the ground from my chair, because i would occasionally hear pops and crackles doing it. Comments welcomed.
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    I don't know anyone with rods who didn't have trouble with them down the road by either bending them or breaking them. Some even worked their way thru the skin.

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