I am trialing an Agility back in a few weeks. I have a T 5/6 lesion, discovered 6mos. ago and my blood pressure has still not stabilized when I'm in my manual chair for more than 6 hours. A bit of history. I have a Tilite ZRA 1 1/2 years old, spec. based on my M.S needs before a lesion was in the picture, I'm wondering if the angles, 85 degrees, could be making it worse? My daughters are Cheerleaders, yesterday was their first competition this year. Dreaming of this day helped me make it through rehab. I was in desperate straights sitting in my chair after 8hrs. Clonidine didn't work, I was sweating on one side, goosebumps, blurry vision, red face etc. Once I got back to the car and could adjust the car seat back so I was slightly adjusted at an angle the pounding went away (soon to be replaced w/the rebound pounding). I'm still trying to figure out how to avoid AD. I had 3 strokes this summer, spending 104 days in the hospital and rehab. Doctors finally figured out the strokes were caused by Autonomic Dysreflexia Drs. failed to recognize/treat. I have Hemiparesis w/minor paralysis.
Anyway, my family lives a busy life and I'm sure there has to be a chair back out there that allows me to sit for the day w/o triggering my AD, or is that just a tolerance learned? The LAST thing I want is to trigger another stroke...
Can anyone give me ideas I haven't thought of?
Thank you for your expertise.
-Murphys Law