first, a quick side note, there's so many darn sub-forums it's confusing, so sorry if this is the wrong place to post....

... I learned today about "BOOSTING" in the paralympics. Apparently it's used by athletes with SCI who purposefully INDUCE Autonomic Dysreflexia to experience performance gains.

My first question is WHAT THE EFF??? I have an SCI and AD is the worst thing I have ever experienced in my life. AD gives me horrible high-blood pressure and the headaches along with that, terrible spasms, goosebumps, and basically my whole body begins to malfunction. So how on earth could this be used to GAIN in performance? and even if it COULD why would anyone put themselves through all the negative feelings---and, even, the possibility of stroke and death!?

here's a quote
"Although not specifically listed as a prohibited method on the WADA Prohibited List, boosting is a performance-enhancing method utilized by athletes with cervical or high thoracic spinal injuries to overcome the loss of endurance and fatigue caused by dysautonomic disorders. To gain performance benefits immediately before competition, some para-athletes have deliberately induced a condition called autonomic dysreflexia by introducing a painful stimuli to the lower body. Athletes who boost have used a variety of practices to create a dysreflexic state, such as blocking catheters, excessively tightening straps, or sitting on sharp objects."

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