I got a letter in the mail today about enrolling in Medicare (again). It said that if I do this like, soon, I'll have Medicare by the summer. It listed the prices for A and B, and other options. Here's the scoop...back in 2003-ish I did a year of SSDI, but have been working since with employer insurance.

My question is...did that SSDI stint back then automatically put me in the 'disabled' bin, and fulfill my 2 year wait period for Medicare to be in-effect should I actually pay for it?

I'd be curious if I can add this option to the possibilities list for retirement before hitting 54 and being able to do employer retiree insurance, or saving on having to pay for Cobra coverage for 2 years before the Medicare 'wait' qualification runs through, if I don't make it to 54 and be still working.