I make a habit of calling about anything I do not understand in either Medicare or with taxes. Usually their phone people are well informed, though as this and past administrations starve government agencies call wait times extend so long the only way to cope is to call when I am going to be at the computer a while anyway, and plug in my phone. Over the last 10 yeas service has sunk so far these agencies function with months-long backlogs.

I've found it very useful to keep both agencies informed. The relationship stays cordial, though many of you would challenge the idea this is a 2-way relationship. In 2007 my dad, who had dealt with the IRS a lot and was again at war with them over an audit, wrote a letter with his documentation (set many times previously) and a plea that they "please resolve this issue quickly so I am not forced to spend my last year or 2 on tax appeals. I am 87." Damned if that did not work! We were both astounded. I had success asking the IRS to forgive penalties when I'd been in foreign hospitals and out of the US for a year. It was tough to get the brain functioning again after severe head trauma that went with my SCI, but they gave me no problems. It pays to be as honest as possible with one and all.