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Thread: Remembering President George H.W. Bush

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    Remembering President George H.W. Bush

    I didn?t always agree with all his politics but admire his service to country and commitment to family.

    Bush?s passing of the Americans With Disabilities Act /ADA remains the most significant civil rights act for individuals with disabilities.

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    The days of his presidency were kinder and more gently times. Thoughts of sympathy for his family.

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    same here I thought he was a good man and his wife a lady at least their public face

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    I got a letter from Bush after my injury in 1989. Barbara and I were sad to hear of your recent accident...

    A lady in my church worked in the WH answering letters. She asked that the President write me.

    I like Bush a lot. I actually almost ran into Charles Krauthammer in Jan 1992 when I was leaving the Smithsonian and he was heading in for a gala for Barbara Bush. I liked these old school Republicans.

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