So sorry to hear of your situation. Just wanted to chime in that a few years ago I was "out of it" in a hospital bed on a ventilator due to a nasty pneumonia and I laid that way nearly five months. At my worst time I thought it was the end, but very slowly I began to recover around the 5th month. There were so many complications, not just pneumonia for a paralyzed person laying in bed that long, one being a small tear at the back of my throat when my feeding tube was removed. It dripped blood in the back of my throat and when I pointed out this weird drip, they didn't know how long it had been going on so I had to have a blood transfusion! That was only the beginning of the 5 months in hell.

I have recently read articles about SCI persons in hospitals in U.S who are not assisted with a bowel program! Some have said they were told it was illegal unless a doctor did it. I can't imagine this continuing. It seems at least an enema would be given.

I guess I'm holding hope that you will recover, even if slowly. You have so many friends on CC. I want you to have the best care available.