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Thread: Has anyone heard from Jennifer Spence? (Lynnifer)

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    So sorry to hear what you're going through Lynnifer. You've been such a light in a dark place for so many.
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    Hey Lynnifer, sorry to hear of the problems but as you point out it might lead to something different. I've spent a long time looking at what is involved with withdrawing life support by switching my vent off. Support that I received from the medical teams that look after me was incredible. Palliative care in particular clearly explaining what was involved and what my wishes were. If you are seriously considering withdrawing consent for any procedure or treatment talk to them. Now that I have agreement to terminate and can do it whenever I want life is a lot easier for me. Slightly different position as I will always need the vent whereas you might only get one opportunity. It is not an easy decision to make, consider everything before you go down that route. Good luck

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    Hi Lynnifer, you are such a good person and I wish you the best.

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    Look up and talk to God. Satan will do his best to pull you down, don't let him. It is never to late to be saved, not here on earth but eternality. May God bless you.
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    I appreciate the sentiments, but I lost my faith long ago. This is from someone who, growing up, having the Minister and his wife over was an honour. Raised in church.

    I reject it all.
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    Which ever way you decide; I support you 100%. Just know I am going to miss you bigtime and always considered you a very dear and cherished friend. Sending you good positive energy and a kiss for good luck on your journey.

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    Lynnifer, the hospital's failure to address bowel issues shocks me. Have they considered stool softeners and administering an enema or use of suppositories? The bloating certainly saps your strength that you really need right now.

    Regarding end of life issues, I support your right to live or end your own life - it's your life.

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    I support you either way. Thank you for the years of laughter, conversation, and bitching to one another. We had a lot of fun on this forum years ago. Alas, nothing lasts forever.

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    Best wishes headed your way.

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    Well, reflecting LeTodd above, I hope it lasts a while longer!
    I've enjoyed your posts and your spirit and your healthy energy.
    This site would be poorer without you.
    It's your choice, but perhaps help is on the way?

    Don't give up the ship, even when you think it's sinking.

    PS: I'm an atheist since 15yoa.
    Which doesn't trump transcendent
    get well soon, however that manifests
    and you have my support wherever that may take you.
    Warm regards, Phil
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