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Thread: Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract Regenerative Cure

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    Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract Regenerative Cure

    Has anyone been using this extract to help repair the damaged myelin sheath? Mice studies for years show that the extract has compounds that stimulate repair of damaged neurons and myelin sheath. Very interesting to read about. Makes no sense there haven't been human studies, but we do share most of our DNA with mice. Dr. Paul Stamets works with National Institutes of Health and has an extract he sells cheaply at He has written many books, including Mycelium Running...I ordered it.

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    YES! My son, c6/7, got my husband and me to start taking the Lions Mane. It’s supposed to help with our aging brain function: more clarity, memory, etc. My son is such a believer, he is actually growing a Lions Mane mushroom in his garage. We harvested it this week, sliced it and saut?ed it with garlic and butter. Delish!

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