Hi, I'm an ex EU pro cyclist, I have had a serious bike crash resulting T4 complete injured (ASIA A). I'd like to participate to your forum sharing my experience with hospital, rehab center; my problems and current alternative therapies.

After the crash (all the ribs, both clavicles, sternum and vertebrae from C7 to D8 fractured plus perforation of both lungs) , I was hospitalized for 10 months (resuscitation department, intensive neurosurgical therapy then infectious disease department). During this time I contracted countless infections including Acineto bacter, Klebsiella, Candida, Pseudomonas... This delayied the stabilization of my spine.

The worst period from the clinical point of view has passed and I moved into Santa Lucia spinal center in Italy (Rome), not a good choice, poor physioterapy, complete absence of occupational therapy and doctors completely devoid of humanity.

Now I'm at home, I do physiotherapy 3 x week and do a lot of exercise, the hardest problems to solve are the bowel program and the neuropathic pain (concentrated in the abdomen and anal area).

My current pharmacological therapy:

Gabapentin 300mg 3 x day
Oxybuthinin 2,5mg 3 x day
Sodium valproate 300mg (slow released form) 2 x day
Gastrodin 300mg
Apixaban 2,5mg 2 x day
Ursodeoxycolic acid 450mg
Gonadorelin intranasal (short acting GnRH) 3 x week
Lorazepam 2,5mg pre-bed

Work in progress...

Sorry for the bad english.