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Thread: Caster bearing help

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    Got them changed so thank you all. They were so loud for days. So embarrassing and annoying. Yes the one's with metric measurements (that were slightly off from the U.S measurements Sunrise gives) worked just fine saving me a ton of money. One medical place even listed them at $14 each! I feel like this is something I should have known years ago. I am never the one replacing my bearings.

    Andy and nick were right about the DMEs.
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    Red makes some really nice and very fast bearings but be careful, most skateboard bearings including RED's use oil and not grease. This means they are really fast to start with but in a very short amount of time they will lose all lubrication and you will be back to square one. You want to use either a bike bearing with grease (bikes get wet a lot) or a bearing with grease designed for water exposure. You will also want to look for a bearing that has a double lip rubber seal this will be a better barrier to water.

    Ebay and Amazon are good choices.

    You will have more options for metric bearings like at 608 or 6001 but most wheelchairs use a combination of metrics for the casters, and imperial for the rear wheel (R8). Also, make sure to use bearing removal tools for blind bearings, I ruined a pair of Spinergy wheels using a screwdriver and a hammer.

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