Basically I'm looking for any advice, preferably from some source with a bit of expertise (like with research behind it, or recommended by some organization with a lot of experience with paraplegics), on strength training especially, but also any feasible aerobic exercises specifically for paraplegics.

I'm T8ish complete

So I have little excuse other than that I am an extremely lazy human being... I'm really not even all that busy, though I like to use this as reason to not exercise.

I have literally done nothing for exercise (aerobic or strength) for at least the last six months, until I was feeling particularly weak last night and went down to the gym at my apartment building and did some dumbell exercises for about 8 minutes. As my post injury experience has pretty much always been, I found it rather difficult.

For example:
1. I don't have the core strength to lift two dumbbells, one in each hand, reliably without risking toppling over.
2. When doing curls from the wheelchair I have to twist my arm at odd angles to avoid the wheels or not go past 90 degrees of extension
3. There's an adjustable bench, and I'd love to do an inclined bench press, but I probably couldn't balance myself on that bench without falling off, much less try to do so with a weight in each hand, and forget leaning down or to the side to grab the weights.
4. There's no reasonable way for me to do pullups, at least with the equipment I have access to. I used to have a chin up bar in my apartment, but there's no place to mount it where I'm living now, and the gym has nothing that I can figure out how to use.

I figure I can do some kind of resistance training, but I'm also not sure how my compromised technique (because of the wheelchair) might end up causing me injuries down the road. I'm 35 and my body is starting to let me know how busted and broken down it is getting... I had some weird shoulder popping/pain last year that I needed some PT for example.

With regard to aerobic exercise, I'd love to do some, but I also just don't think it's very feasible. I used to ride a handcycle, but it was a huge pain to transport and assemble and I don't have the square footage in my 500 sf apartment to leave it out and on the trainer all the time. And now my limited hip mobility (heterotopic ossification in my right hip) means I can't turn to the handcycle to the right, so it's not really feasible to actually take out on the street. I figure pushing a chair isn't a very feasible way to get my heart rate up. I used to swim, and that might be an option at some point, but it takes sooooo looooong to drive to a pool, change, get in the water, swim, get out of the water, shower, change, and get back to where I'm going that it doesn't feel worth the effort (probably takes me 2.5 hours to get a 20 minute swim in).

So surely I'm not the only one to run into these problems, why reinvent the wheel, right? Surely there must be someone out there who has specific expert recommendations on how to exercise with "proper" technique as a full-time-sitter, right? I just don't know where to look... But maybe what I'm really wishing for is a free personal trainer who also happens to be a physical therapist with a specialization in SCI... is that really too much to ask for?