I am a 68 year old T5 para due to a gunshot injury in 1975. After having hardly any health issues for over 40 years, I have been diagnosed with PVD in both legs. My great toe on my right foot started to discolor (purple) causing me to consult my physician. I may lose my toe, but I understand that not treating the PVD will result in much bigger problems. I guess the 2.7 times increase in atherosclerosis in SCI patients has finally caught up with me.

I have had ABI testing and ultrasound/ doppler testing confirming some low circulation and narrowing of vessels in both legs (as well as Iliac artery)and have been on pentoxifylline 400mg ER bid for the past month. My vascular surgeon has suggested peripheral angioplasty and stent placement. What should I be aware of related to complications, etc, if I do this procedure? I will be placed on Plavix post treatment, and understand the potential bleeding issues with this med. (I do have an existing hemorrhoid that periodically bleeds, which I assume should be addressed prior to going on this med?).
Any advice is greatly appreciated.