So I've been in a suit over being hit by a car, that damaged my TiLite ZR, for six months now. I've had bodily injury, and have been trying to fundraise for a van, being it's super tough getting in my Element (non-adapted). Unfortunately Geico, the driver's insurance, has been shady, and didn't divulge that she only had the minimum. So it will be what's left of 15K. The attorney had been trying to get them to replace my chair, but they first wanted written proof of it being unrepairable. I sent that, from both the Regional rep saying bent frames are unrepairable, and an ATP saying it was bent. Months go by. I sent the serial number and the specs from an original email. Then I priced out the specs, which came to $7200. More weeks and weeks go by. They finally came back with saying that they researched and discovered the value of my chair to be between $1500 and $3100, and that's all they will offer. WTF. Have no idea where they're basing that on. It's infuriating, they're treating this like it's a bike or something, not my lifeline. For six months I have had to use the FreeWheel with the chair to get anywhere at all outside the house, because the shimmy was bad. Then not being able to drive...suck!
Here Geico is a huge corporation. They should have replaced my chair quickly. So I called the news, and they came right out and did this story. Geico didn't comment, but hopefully they're feeling some pressure from bad press.