I am a C3/C4 quadriplegic 11 years injury. For almost my entire injury I have had chronic bouts of autonomic dysreflexia on a daily basis. It has wrecked by being to the core. It is worst when I do my bowel program. The only way I can actually produce stool is to let the autonomic sensation build up and then finally release the stool. Lidocaine jelly blocks that sensation and I will have constipation. I am wondering after years and years of doing my bowel program like this has it completely changed my autonomic system for the worse

The autonomic dysreflexia has gotten so bad now that I am completely incapacitated. I just feel my nervous system is completely destroyed and on a different path. I feel so many different sensations. My blood pressure and pulse usually remain normal during this constant feeling of doom. My catheter is draining normally, I am having regular bowel movements. I don't have any pressure sores? I can't figure it out. Also, strangely my body is gone completely numb. I usually feel pain but now my body is completely numb? Which is good but scary.

I recently started taking a medicine called guanfacine. Has anyone taken it? Does it take a long time to build up? It seems hit or miss with helping.

Please let me know if anyone out there is experiencing something similar and if you have had some success with medication or other routines. I probably cannot reply to a lot of questions but sincerely appreciate advice from nurse or doctor wise or forum members.