Hi everyone, I just wanted to know if anyone knew of this study going on in Florida. It is actually a stem cell treatment derived from the patient's own bone marrow ( bone marrow stem cells) which I know many other studies are involving.
With this study, they actually do intraspinal stemcell injections, plus an iv infusion of stem cells in addition to an intranasal option so there are 3 routes of administration.
I have attached some links below with the website of the location and its also an active study listed on clinicaltrials.gov.
It does cost money however to do the study. It is about 20k for a spinal cord injury. They are also doing stem cell treatment for ocular diseases as well as stroke and tbi.
Just wanted some feedback and opinions.

Here is the actual website

Here is a press release about the study

Here is the clinical.gov link

ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT03225625

I'm assuming that because its listed on clinicaltrials.gov and in the U.S., that there is some type of FDA or IRB involvement meaning that at lease there is some safety management involved.
Anyways, looks promising.