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Thread: Opinions wanted

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    <= 5 years: exoskeletons will be more available (maybe even fully controlled by our brains), the brain and CNS will be much better understood than today, a simple nano breakthrough could be a game changer

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    Jerry Silver's peptide would open the door for cell therapy to connect the damaged ends:

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    Quote Originally Posted by funklab View Post
    I feel bad for posting in the cure forum, I probably should re-restrain myself from doing so like I used to for the first five or ten years post injury... I know I'm a big pessimist. But your post popped up in my feed from the home page and your title seemed to be inviting an honest, non-delusional answer... anyway this is just my opinion, I'm no expert in SCI research.
    Don't feel bad. I think you're being real...I agree with you. In my opinion, an exogenous cure is an eventuality. An endogenous cure is very far away. Here, I am defining an exogenous cure as a technical interface between brain and limb. You can define that however you'd like. In the near future, we're more likely to see better and more reasonable prostheses. Maybe even to the point where the tech can be developed to the extent that something can be embedded which will "take over" the duties of the disrupted spinal cord. NOTE: we're slowly seeing such a trend in the AR field in the sense that perception is the function that is being enhanced.
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    Common misconception is that it will be one thing. One breakthrough that will cure it all. More likely the cure will come from a combination of many different approaches and hard, hard work in the gym. That is everything that we see right now that have any credibility. Since every spinal cord injury is different it might be that different things will work better in different circumstances. From the evidence we have right now I think electrically induced muscle contractions do have some interesting potential in how it affects the lesion. This should be first to yield any real results in whichever form. Preferably non invasive. Of course we are talking decades away. Nobody really knows how many decades.

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