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Thread: power chair batteries

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    thanks ill check it out i may wait as the warranty isnt out till march i dont use it in the winter
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    Quote Originally Posted by wheelin 48 View Post

    is what i got from them there a duracell gelbattery the things just dont seem to be holding a charge after a half mile trip around my neighborhood all 3 green indicator lights are gone and im in the prange its a jazzy1113ats it has a meter on back were charger is and it shows half used i think these are just bad batteries
    Likely so -- unless the batteries are the wrong "chemistry" for the charger. Or, the charger is defective.

    [Different battery chemistries require different charging algorithms and voltages]

    It sure would be nice if manufacturers would make it possible to examine actual battery (pack) voltages instead of just dumbing things down to idiot lights (and requiring a service visit to get a tech to check the actual voltages).

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