I may be needing cataract surgery next year. Would like to hear anyone's experience with anesthesia if you use a vent for sleep. The only information I have found is the use of a tubing attachment that goes into the patient's mouth with the ventilator placed at the foot of the table.

I am concerned about whether my oxygen levels would be monitored, especially since this is considered a short surgical procedure. If I am simply given a cannula and oxygen tank, I can have an apnea event (not drawing a breath) while asleep from the sedation, thus it seems a ventilator set-up may be the way to go, even for this short surgery. I don't have any issues while awake and using cannula, but I do have apnea events fairly regularly while on vent and use a wrist monitor to awaken me if my oxygenation gets below a set level.
Thanks for any suggestions.