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Thread: Bladder botox pros/cons/necessity?

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    Bladder botox pros/cons/necessity?

    I know there've been a bunch of posts on this topic before, but I didn't see anything at a glance related to my specific situation: my urologist isn't recommending botox to me for bladder control, but to prevent future kidney disease, and I'm curious what folks (and the SCI nurses here) think of this.

    I had a urodynamics done two years ago which showed good pressures up until ~330cc, with borderline compliance at 15.5, and another one done again recently, with similar numbers: pressure starts to build up around 300cc, and compliance around 14 (which my doc said isn't a notable difference and can essentially be considered the same as two years ago).

    However, this year, she suggested that I start doing botox to lower the risk of kidney disease/damage in the future, since botox would help reduce bladder pressures (and increase compliance), recommending injections every 3 months. Alternatively, if I don't want to go the botox route yet, she said I should move forward with annual urodynamics.

    What do folks think of botox for this reason? I'm a little hesitant because not only does it seem like a huge hassle (admittedly, less a hassle than kidney damage), I imagine it'd be a little costly as well (probably less so since I likely won't need anesthesia since I haven't needed it for cystoscopies at T-11/T-12). But annual urodynamics also sound like a hassle, and I'd like to reduce my exposure to X-rays as well.
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