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Thread: 50 employees laid off at Invacare, most at company headquarters .

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    50 employees laid off at Invacare, most at company headquarters .

    50 employees laid off at Invacare, most at company headquarters

    Dave O'Brien | The Chronicle-Telegram
    Published on Nov. 2, 2018 | Updated 1:04 p. m

    ELYRIA ? Invacare Corporation, the Elyria-based maker of wheelchairs, mobility scooters and other medical equipment, confirmed Friday that it has laid off 50 employees in a round of cost-cutting measures

    Company spokesperson Lois Lee said the company filed a Form 8-K, a document that notifies shareholders and regulators with the Securities and Exchange Commission of changes within a publicly traded company, following the close of financial markets Thursday.

    Lee said the move was part of Invacare's plan to cut up to $25 million in costs in its North American operations.
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    Wow, that sucks. I wondered how they could offer the Crossfire T6 with options that other manufacturers charge a ton for and still make money. I guess they couldn't.
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    Invacare has been in "deep yogurt" for some time with the FDA and other regulatory agencies. There have been many warnings on Care Cure Community not to buy an Invacare chair because of this involvement.

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    I see someone buying them out. Sad

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    Much, if not most of their stuff is made outside the U.S. Consequently, quality issues were the cause of many of the law suits.I agree that they may be ready for a buyout. That will shrink competition.

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