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Thread: Bladder Botox and heavy bleeding

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    Bladder Botox and heavy bleeding

    Just got my first Botox eleven days ago and just IC'd 200cc's of pure blood. Has this happened to any of you this many days in to having the injections? I am waiting for my nurse to call back after consulting with Dr but I am a little freaked out.
    No symptoms of infection so wondering if maybe I caused some trauma with the catheter. Also on anticoags so makes me extra nervous.

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    Probably some irritation of the bladder or urethra and anticoagulation causing the bleeding. Since I don't know the specifics, Urology will probably want to rule out a UTI.
    Could you hold one dose or take a half dose?
    Drink lots of water. Use a lot of lubricant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oncetherwasagirl View Post
    Just got my first Botox eleven days ago and just IC'd 200cc's of pure blood. Has this happened to any of you this many days in to having the injections? .... Also on anticoags so makes me extra nervous.
    Usual is trace blood in the urine same day as the injections. Eleven days later is more than likely new trauma. I doubt you actually discharged 200cc of blood...was probably more like 50cc mixed in with 150cc of urine. Blood does a funny thing where it looks like there's way more than there really is.

    Catheter damage combined with your anticoags sounds plausible. Is it consistent blood in the urine, or was it a one-time thing?
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    I pee red for days after Botox injections. 200cc of 'pure blood' seems a bit hyperbolic. That'd be straight to the emergency room if it were me, and legitimately that much.
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    Sorry, my anxiety made me dramatic... not 'pure' blood. Yes, it was urine of course but a very large amount of blood ;-) Also bright red so I know it was a current bleed.
    My max capacity (pre-Botox) was only 155mls and my urethra has been totally eroded so to retain that is amazing to me. To reach 200 post-Botox is what we were hoping but not mostly blood. I didn't bleed from the procedure until today (11 days post) and to have it come on full force like that is concerning. I spoke to the on call few mins ago and she feels that since my last cath was a little more diluted of blood and the fact that I passed a one-inch clot, we will watch it over the next 12 hours and then I'll talk to the dr in the morning.
    I am not squeamish about blood but I had an experience once where I lost so much blood I passed out alone in my home. None of us likes the unknown with SCI and I get anxious because I rarely if ever have symptoms of UTI until I go septic and land in the ER.

    Thanks for your replies... it always helps. :-)

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    I had my most recent Botox procedure done 2 weeks ago. (I've been getting them for about the past 10 years.) My caths were way bloodier than usual following the procedure. It appears that I had a lot of clotting post-procedure. I cathed repeated times in succession while in the shower and eventually succeeded in expelling almost of all of the clotted blood. From that point on my urine was perfectly clear (well, clear for an intermittent catheter-using para).

    If you can't similarly expel the clotted blood, then you should go to your uro's office and have them irrigate your bladder. Not a biggie. I predict you will live!

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