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Thread: Depressed AF

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lavender lady View Post
    When I was on apparlyzed I got bitched at for complaining about some thing. I was told to be glad you are only a par not quad and to stop posting your small problems. Some one else posted it did not really matterwhat level we were at. This life changing event is most likely the worst thing to happen in our life. I spend more of time here just reading.
    That's total BS. Like you're not allowed to share your inner feelings. What the hell is that site for?? Product reviews and shooting the shit?
    Never Give Up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peders View Post
    Scott, and everyone else really.. I just can't believe how tough you have it. The things that you and we have to go through don't even seem possible.. Scott you seem to have the worst nightmare situation.

    This is no solution, I would not even attempt to say it is a solution. It is something I am looking into for myself, and thought maybe it would work for you or any of us. It is now getting colder in Michigan where I live and I will be unable to handle going outside for about the next seven months. Very much stinks. So getting back to my thought, is anyone out there tried virtual reality goggles. I know they are expensive but the oculus ggo commercials look pretty cool. It might allow me or us to see different parts of the world even though we can get there. I think the oculus ones are $250. Very expensive, but I am contemplating it, because I am tired of the view outside of my window!
    Scott and everyone else, you're in my thoughts and prayers. I don't know how you do it. I don't know how I get through it some days.. Therefore with some of your situations being worse than mine,, I really don't know how you make it. I love you all, and can only say that even though I don't really know you I consider you my friends in battle!
    Thank you Peders for sharing! I've been thinking about getting VR goggles.
    Never Give Up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Thank you for confiding your innermost feelings. Ask your friends to spend some time with you, even if not very often. Being in a relationship doesn't mean you can't spend some time weekly or every other week with a friend. Or if she is tht busy can you skype?
    Reach out to your friend(s) and tell them. Members of your family also.
    Do you have any hobbies or can you start a hobby?
    Thank you for your message CWO! I've started dating again even if I'm not really attracted to the woman. The act of having dinner with someone has been amazing for my mood. I am seeing my friends more now. My family is great but seeing my mom and dad every day was really annoying me to the extent I started resenting them.

    I started archery a few months and I absolutely love it! I'm working with manufacturers in China to develop parts. Hopefully I can have them mass produced and sell them.
    Never Give Up!

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    One day they won't be annoying.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheAbleChef View Post
    snip... My family is great but seeing my mom and dad every day was really annoying me to the extent I started resenting them. snip...
    I wish I could see my mom dad everyday but there in God's Kingdom now.

    "We must overcome difficulties rather than being overcome by difficulties."

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    As I said it was on a different forum that is now closed. I think the only place you will find on here that gets a bit of fire going is in the political threads. I just don't go in to them.

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    This thread echoes so many of the feelings I have. I'm trying so hard to get through med school, and I feel like it's the only thing that I have to work for, even though it's literally killing me.

    The past 2 years has been beatdown after beatdown. Lost body parts, septic 6 times, 10 months of hospitalizations, neverending IV antibiotics, unbelievable pain. My newly placed pain pump is still not working.

    My whole demeanor changed. 2 years ago I was a happy, always smiling, ready to kick life's ass guy. I've been rendered someone else. I don't smile, I avoid interacting with people as much as possible now, I hate my life.

    The human mind can only take so much, I guess, before a switch flips.

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    I'm glad that I have my family. I live with my mom and stepdad, and my dad and stepmom and my sister and nieces live a short distance away.

    The day of my accident I had just gotten a second job and was planning to get an apartment. I was always independent and was kind of a loner. The one super close friend left me after I came home from rehab. Aside from my caregivers and family, I don't have visitors. I'm sorta okay with that though.

    I really wish that I could live on my own. There is a tinge of resentment in the house, all around.

    As for God, I believe, but I'm not a fervently religious person. I pray but not to be healed... for a solution. I would like to live to be 100, but if I have to go into a nursing home, I imagine 100 days will do. I don't want to end it but I figure that I can and could make it look accidental to make it easier on the family. But that isn't something I wanna do or think about right now.

    I'm going to stop talking about myself now though and leave it to the OP.

    Good luck all and God bless.

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    About your comment on resentment: I think it is normal for human beings to pin their feelings on someone close by, but the resentment is truly of fate, because SCI or chronic illness happens to the whole family.

    And nursing homes? yes, 100 days would feel like enough and more than enough. on the other hand, one of my heroines in this life is NancyE. Do you remember her? She managed to spring herself from nursing home after 8 years!!!

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    Support is what this website is all about. And that is what is most impressive to me.
    What is on your Bucket list that you could do during this time? It was mentioned that you are a teacher. You know how big online education is... of course anything computer.
    Do you have skills? Write short stories? a Book, keep a journal, invest in the stock market.. maybe not now but they say it is a good time for buying., take an online course.
    Just google an interest. What about ancestry? My best friend spends hours and hours doing that.
    So may things you could be doing.
    There is always skype with your new friends!
    The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.

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    Life hard?

    I posted this as a new thread under the Life forum titled, "Life hard?" I posted it the next day that Claire Wineland passed away.

    I believe it is fitting on this thread. Here it is.

    You can suffer in and through life and still make something of your life. Please watch the video in full screen format so you are not distracted. This is what I wrote.

    This is Claire Wineland she passed away yesterday September 2, 2018, after suffering a stroke during a double lung transplant. Claire Wineland has cystic fibrosis or CF as they call it.

    I just learned who she was just minutes ago before reading about her death on

    Claire Wineland did a TEDx talk which she talks about hard life is with CF and how to make a life for yourself.

    I saw a lot of parallelism with cystic fibrosis compared to a spinal cord injury in her talk.

    Some of those parallelism I experienced in my life living with a spinal cord injury for nearly 32 years at C6 and in 2013, respiratory issues which I have to do two 30 minutes sessions of pulmonary therapy, like medicine, everyday to keep secretions (mucus) out of my lungs.

    Her's her TEDx talk:

    "We must overcome difficulties rather than being overcome by difficulties."

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