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Thread: Need another digestion motility supplement

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    Need another digestion motility supplement

    My current supps literally make me ill with digestion pain so severely it takes hours after each BM daily.
    I 'm sick of feeling sick like this, it's been years of torture.
    Tried the newer meds, ie; movantik etc, Still waiting on my own "moment".
    What do others use?
    Thank you

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    Although hardly any doctors and nurses believe that it was related, but when I quit taking Valium in July of 2017, my bowels ceased working as they once had. I previously had a simple bowel routine that didn't require medications or stimulants. In April my gastroenterologist put me on Linzess to stimulate my bowels to move. It worked fairly well up until a couple weeks ago when I started getting diarrhea. I am 95% sure that it is the Linzess causing it so I am going to talk to my doctor about either taking a lower dose or not taking it at all since my bowels are working better (almost like the way they did before quitting Valium... for now anyway).

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