Hi All,

I was wondering if I might get some suggestions with locks and seat. I have been reading posts for about 3 hours and have learned a lot. I've been a chair for 30+ years, but never even used brakes before the last couple of years, and now I need a good locking system. The one that come on chairs are thumb killers or don't lock for crap. I have read that Surelocks are great and to Jack @ (866) 315-3327) to be certain about getting a discount that I read on here. Well I have called that number and there is no answer and the website is for sale. Does anyone know if they are still in business? Any suggestions on a good lock, and/or you experiences?

Not the carbon fiber seat pan. I have never had one and DMI is expensive, I think. Reading here sounds like buying a sheet from
dragonplate and either drilling or using velcro is cheaper. I am 200lbs in an 18" tilite areo z with an aluminum seat pan. Would I be dropping a lot of weight from the chair if I changed? Everything helps as my shoulders are really starting to feeling the years of transferring and chair in/out of the car. Would love to hear anyones experience with this. How exactly would one cut and what size/thickness would one purchase?

Thanks for any help.