I am writing this as a diversion from binge watching x-files on bbcamerica and later all the star treks and stargates on the H&I and ELREYHD cable tv channels, for the tenth time or fretting over money.

I have noticed that slowly over the months there is more and more commercials on these stations, selling some widget or another These companies advertise over and over and over and over again, selling a yellow piece of plastic that might save your life (and your loved ones) while driving, for 20 dollars plus shipping, or a flash lite you can drive over while its in a puddle(and it will probably save your life)

I know there would be a process to pursuing this. Its easy to find cool little gadgets in bulk for not to much. Not sure what the advertising cost at these cable stations would be. Maybe it?s more than I think it would be. I tried to find out by googling but saw nothing. Saw some phone numbers but I can barely afford food.

Maybe Ill something like find a winning lottery ticket laying on the ground, since I almost never buy one

But any wayz, these companies must find it lucrative to keep advertising month after month

I record ALL my shows on DVR so I can fast forward through all them crappy commercials

Its hard to keep track of a show while writing. Had to rewind. Fox and Scully almost became compost for a giant psychoactive mushroom?!