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Thanks everyone. It's truly complicated.
I have large group, work-supplied insurance that's quite good. Medicare Part B would cost me something like $160/month or $1,920/year so it really comes down to whether I can recoup at least $2,000 from Medicare Part B to justify having it.

Sounds like the answer isn't trivial to determine. I'll read some links and see what I can figure out.

For a couple years I had medicare as secondary to my employer's insurance. I don't think it actually ever paid anything. $2000 is a lot to rack up in outpatient costs. Part A is nice because then I don't have to pay my 20% copay for expensive hospitalizations, but I think in the 2 years I had Medicare (with maybe four acute visits, a couple to my PCP a couple to urgent care, a round of a dozen or so physical therapy visits and one procedure (outpatient urologic procedure done in the hospital) Medicare might have paid a total of $300 to $400... with the added inconvenience that I had to call and spend probably a total of 50 hours on hold over that period to argue with people and tell them that Medicare was secondary when they messed up the bill... oh and it freaked out my DME to the point that it has now taken over two years to get a new chair because they told me they couldn't not bill Medicare even though it was secondary (an outright lie) and even when I got their corporate office to agree that they were not obligated to bill Medicare and I could sign a piece of paper telling them not to bill Medicare they told me that because I had medicare (even though they weren't going to be billed) I couldn't get a titanium chair.

If you're not getting it from the flavor of my post above, I definitely do not think it's worth paying for part B... at least in my situation.

For your specific situation it's going to depend on how many outpatient visits you have and how often you see your doctors. For me it's only $20 copay for my PCP and $50 for a specialist. At those rates I'd have to planning on having a doctor's appointment every week to justify paying $160 a month, and I'm just not that sick.... yet....