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how is lyrica abused? I read all these online things about kids taking gabapentin for highs, and I was Rx 4800mg a day for many years and on 3600 mg a day for over 10 years, Plus I had Fentora and methadone, I just don't see gabapentin as a harmful drug, or maybe my brain is calloused, cause gabapentin is not going to get me high,not hat I want to get high, I want the pain be gone,which it really is with this intrathecal pump

I mean you could go drink shoe polish and get some kind of high too. I remember cutting through this woods on ft bragg to get to the PX and there were like 50 to 60 bags of wonder bread with liquid black shoe polish poured down the middle in this one secluded area. I am not sure what they were doing but spit shinning the jump boots wasn't one of them
I'm with you, metro. I've never had lyrica or gabapentin, but I've seen plenty of people on these meds. Maybe high doses make you feel a little loopy if you're not taking them regularly, but there's a lot worse things people could be taking too much of, like whip cream chargers that you can buy in bulk on the internet, or massive doses of over the coutner immodium.

People do weird stuff to feel "different", I'd have trouble calling gabapentin a "high".