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Thread: gabapentin next medicine to become super controlled

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    gabapentin next medicine to become super controlled

    my father is having a problem getting his gabapentin filled , the pharmacy said only he is over the authorized dosage, I started looking into this and yes they are now after the gabapentin users

    found this article
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    I could change the substance from gabapentin to "alcoholic drink" or "cigarette" "cough syrup" a big wad of "cotton candy", "ice cream" and pumpkin scones from starbucks really work when mixed with opioids,cannabis,and cocaine
    People tracked in her research describe gabapentin as a "cheap high" that is almost "always available." They report mixing the drug with opioids, marijuana and cocaine tmellows me out o enhance the high, with effects ranging from "increased energy" to a "mellow" numbness.
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    People can abuse anything, I know people who get “high” on handfuls of Benadryl. But gabapentin isn’t even a controlled substance, I can’t see the pharmacy having a leg to stand on unless your father was over the FDA maximum daily amount.

    Maybe you should have his doctor call and ask them to kindly stfu and fill the prescription the doctor wrote. Or just find another pharmacy.

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    that is the problem , a couple states have already made it a scheduled substance , which is higher than controlled , Kentucky has declared it a scheduled substance, we are not in kentucky, this was in the article i linked, from may 2018 media
    Last year, Kentucky became the first state to classify the drug as a "scheduled substance," placing it among other high-risk medicines subject to extra restrictions and tracking. Gabapentin was detected in a third of fatal overdose cases analyzed by Kentucky medical examiners in 2016. Now, only health professionals registered with the federal government can prescribe the drug and patients are limited to five refills.
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    Has your dad tried Lyrica instead of Neurontin?

    The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.

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    If gabapentin is considered abusable, I’m sure Lyrica is even more heavily regulated, because it is much more prone to misuse.

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    how is lyrica abused? I read all these online things about kids taking gabapentin for highs, and I was Rx 4800mg a day for many years and on 3600 mg a day for over 10 years, Plus I had Fentora and methadone, I just don't see gabapentin as a harmful drug, or maybe my brain is calloused, cause gabapentin is not going to get me high,not hat I want to get high, I want the pain be gone,which it really is with this intrathecal pump

    I mean you could go drink shoe polish and get some kind of high too. I remember cutting through this woods on ft bragg to get to the PX and there were like 50 to 60 bags of wonder bread with liquid black shoe polish poured down the middle in this one secluded area. I am not sure what they were doing but spit shinning the jump boots wasn't one of them
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    Quote Originally Posted by metronycguy View Post
    ...I want the pain be gone,which it really is with this intrathecal pump
    What dosage are you on? Been going through goddamn hell with this pump

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    no message, see other message
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    Quote Originally Posted by paraparajumper View Post
    What dosage are you on? Been going through goddamn hell with this pump
    I have hydromorphone in the pump, with a 2 hr bolus . I am not sure of the dosing, but the main thing is I am prescribed oral pain meds for when the pump doesn't cover the pain.
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