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Thread: Ghetto-Portable stair lift

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    Quote Originally Posted by nonoise View Post
    Congrats on getting the job done Andy. Looking back on your pics, it looks like an incredibly tight fit. I don't think I could make the transfers. Do you have a chair waiting downstairs? And the older Brunos swiveled both ways, could be used on either side of the stairwell. Your new one looks like they copied Acorns offset swivel design fairly closely.
    Yeah, real tight. The swiveling fixes that. And the wheelchair gets dragged downstairs via an alternate path, wouldn't get past me otherwise. Offset, yeah, it is an offset swivel, you have to move the pivot point from one side to the other normally. But if you want it to turn the other way also, just hacksawing off a small tab to allow that does the trick. I guess they don't want it going both ways in case the little old lady doesn't stop the seat at 0 degrees and goes cartwheeling down the stairs after over-rotating and sliding off the tiny seating surface, lol.

    Pic below of the manual so you can get a better idea of this design

    Quote Originally Posted by Oddity View Post
    You call that lazy?! Not in my world. For that short of a run I'd have prolly just cut a piece of plywood to fit over the stairs and leaned it against the wall when I didn't need it.
    Some random homeless person passing by started yelling at me to "Just try harder!", so I did. Wouldn't you know it.....
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