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So, these "buy ups" beg the question:
Are "independents" selling out because they are "struggling" (can't make ends meet)?
Are the chains offering very lucrative "deals" to the owners?
I have no idea. But it would be interesting to know because amount of DMEs were decreasing already and many only dealt with regular powerchairs, no rehab.
There ar 2 DME's in our rural area but as far as mobility equipment dealt with are scooters and regular powerchairs besides regular manual chairs plus rollators.
I do know the last chairs our old DME provided to Mama and I he said that he had recently changed to a new Billing Company. They had billed for coverage amount of regular powerchair(Is that what they call a Group 2?) instead of rehab chairs. They ask us to let doctor and clinic know about it that new paperwork was needed.