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Thread: Hand Controls on the Right??

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    Hand Controls on the Right??

    Sorry if this has been discussed before, but my forum searches found nothing... Are there any driving controls designed to be on the right side of the steering column? Or can the regular sets -like the Monarch A1 - be flipped so they are controlled with the right hand? My C6 injury screwed my left hand up so that it's suitable for steering but doesn't have the strength and grip to run the pedals. I've been using the portable sets thus far, but after a scary incident decided it's time to pony up for a better set.

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    Looking at the pictures, I haven't seen any permanent sets that can be flipped except maybe the drive by wire ones. To answer your question though, yes they do design controls for the right side, lots of them. If you are looking for used, keep looking. They turn up, I have an extra one, but I am probably going to need it for parts.
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    Sure Grip, Viegel, GuidoSimplex do column mounts. Menox does floor mount, I?ve used Menox for about 8 years in 2 different vehicles and been very happy. I?m going to SureGrip Featherlite right side push pulls in my van to open up floor space for the transfer chair.

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    I use the Viegel floor mount control. It's great!

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    I haven't installed them for many years, but Monarch used to be reversible-by changing the return spring, and flipping the handle around.

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    Just have to add a funny story about the right handed hand controls I used for my road test as a teenager. The officer was sitting in the passenger seat watching me using the controls and he decided to test the brake by reaching over and slamming the brake handle downward. It resulted in both of us whamming forward with him hitting his forehead - I looked over at him and saw a drop of blood coming down his forehead. His badge was attached to the front of his uniform hat and the back of that badge was connected with a pin type thingie which had plunged into his skin when he slammed the brake. (This was before seat belts).
    I did pass the exam. I chuckle every time I think of those right-handed controls. Much later I found I could handle left side controls.

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    I use Menox. I had a vehicle for about a year with left-hand controls and never felt very comfortable with them. When I bought a new vehicle I decided to go with Menox and right-hand controls primarily due to space, and right away I loved them. To me they were much more intuitive to use.

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    I'm left handed and preferred the throttle / brake with my right hand, so I use Wells Engberg CP200Right
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    Call a place called Handicap out in Denver. Family owned business, good price and they may make what you want. I made my own with a couple pieces from old chair, a hunk of aluminum and a bike hand brake.

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    I've used Menox (floor mounted) for 14 years (2 vehicles). They are great! When driving from a power wheelchair (my setup), you just have to make sure the wheelchair joystick (right side) doesn't interfere with the vehicle hand control. I have just enough room with the wheelchair nearly against the driver's door for the hand control to clear the joystick. The EZ-Lock wheelchair lockdown was mounted in the proper place to allow clearance.
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