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Thread: Finally gonna try to use Medicare to get a chair

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    There was a window between when they deactivated the K0009 HCPCS code (forcing manufacturers to code all their "ultra-light" wheelchairs K0005) and when the "unbundling" policy letter referenced in my EoB was issued (Dec 2017), during which the titanium upgrade option (with separate billing code and additional reimbursement) worked fine. I know a number of folks who used this method between ~2014 and late 2017 to acquire TiLite TR and ZR titanium frames. Sadly, no longer, it seems.

    On a complete side note, I've gotten a handful of PMs about HoC chairs, and my "$1,500" statement. To be clear: I don't know first hand how much a completed chair costs. They've posted prices in comments on their Instagram feed of starting at $1,500 for simplest raw frame, and between $3,000-$5,000 for complete chairs. I could imagine spending $5k on one and being very happy, relative to my experience these past 10 years pushing the Lasher.
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