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Thread: Finally gonna try to use Medicare to get a chair

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    TL;DR: I'm not against titanium, there is room for lots of materials, IMO, but the advantages of titanium alone remain untested, are based on marketing and anecdotes, while the additional cost is guaranteed. I question the value proposition more than the functionality

    Yeah, the Quickie Ti was insanely light. Titanium helped enable that but it was mostly design that achieved the result. Ti allowed the use of very skinny OD, very thin walled, tube, which was indeed light. It also flexed like crazy and some parts were engineered past the edge IMO (like the axle plates) and had higher than typical failure rates. It's all a balancing act. Titanium alloy can enable certain designs.

    Whether or not a titanium chair is lighter is an engineering outcome, not a solely a materials outcome. Light weight engineered titanium tubes have to be made thin, else they'd be heavier than identical aluminum tubes, and aren't any more durable as a result. It costs more, guaranteed, and any given chair isn't necessarily lighter than any other just because it's titanium. Weight (and durability) is mostly about accessories, hardware, and design. The lightest, strongest, chair I know of was made from chromolybendum steel. Damn cheap and very strong. But, I guess "Chromoly" just doesn't have the ring to it that "aerospace grade titanium" does.

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    Two big advantages with titanium are weight and no maintenance. I want to resurrect my Quickie Titanium because it is significantly lighter than anything else I ever used. Doesn't make any difference except for one thing. My shoulders feel the difference when transferring the chair in and out of the car. That's just one thing. But it's a biggie.
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